WordPress Sitemap Plugin : Best Sitemap Plugin for WordPress 2018

WordPress Sitemap Plugin Best Sitemap Plugin for WordPress 2018

WordPress Sitemap Plugin : Best Sitemap Plugin for WordPress 2018

WordPress mostly use for blogs and websites. And Sitemap of your blog or website is the complete index-list of all URLs. Sitemaps mostly help to tell about our website URLs to the search engines and other platforms.

WordPress Mostly Secure platform for blogging and drive safe traffic for your business. WordPress is also highly optimized CMS for other basic works on it. Basically, WordPress has the common part of the themes and plugins. you can use customized plugins or themes or also premium themes or premium plugins for your WordPress blogs or websites

now we talk about the best sitemaps plugins or sitemap generator for WordPress. And Basically, In the Customized PHP Framework or CMS. we use the Sitemap Generator to generate Sitemap for a website or in WordPress, we use customized WordPress Plugins to generate the sitemaps for blogs or websites. So in the WordPress, many plugins are available to generate a sitemap for websites and blogs. But in this article I will tell you only those plugins that I’m using now for my website and blogs.and these plugins are secure and best for your blogs and websites.

Best Sitemaps Plugins for WordPress : WordPress XML Sitemaps Generator

1. Google XML Sitemap

it is best ever sitemap plugin that I used for my blogs and websites. It is free and easy to manage WordPress Sitemap plugin. Its provide various features for making easy to define the types of pages and posts and terms( also known as tags) in the sitemap.xml file. And the best feature of it I mostly loved, when I published a new post on my blog then it is automatically notified to the search engines and that so much helps in the crawling of URLs. In Google XML Sitemap Plugin you can fix the search result priority of your blog posts and also your pages of the website. In this plugin, you can fix or set the Crawling frequency as Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly of your posts, pages, categories, archives, and other terms. You can also include or exclude posts and pages and others terms of your website or blog from the Sitemap.xml File.

2.Jetpack Sitemap

Jetpack Plugin is known as an extraordinary plugin because it provides various features likes auto-sharing and stats panel and post by email or Jetpack Sitemap add-on Many more. And the main advantage of this plugin, its developed by WordPress Official Team and that’s the reason it is a mostly secure plugin for your blog or website. Jetpack plugin gives an extra energy to your website and makes easy to manage all SEO and Website Related works in a single dashboard. Jetpack provides an amazing News Sitemap.xml feature if you are running a magazine or news website, That helps to your news website to rank in Google News. Its provide you the Single Sign-On Or login by WordPress.com Username or Password to on your website to your subscribers and contributors.

3.Yoast SEO Sitemap

Yoast SEO is the most Popular SEO Plugin for WordPress. Yoast SEO is Best Plugin for SEO and I also use this plugin for my some events and wiki blogs. Yoast SEO plugin also provides various features like Focus Keyword, Keyword Density, Keyword Optimization as many more features. Its available as a free or premium version for WordPress. It provides you full control over the site breadcrumbs and also the other phase of your website or blog. The one more advantages of the Yoast SEO Plugin, its provide a Most Advanced XML Sitemap for your websites or blogs. If you use the premium version of Yoast SEO then You will get Like News SEO, Video SEO, Local SEO and Much more for your blogs or website. the best feature of this plugin provides you a Content or OnPageSEO Analysis tool to analysis the blog post or pages of your blogs or websites.

4. All in One SEO

All in One SEO Plugin also known as Best SEO Plugin for WordPress. All In One SEO Plugin also provide various features like sitemap.xml, Meta-Tags and many more. All in One SEO Created by Michael Torbert. Its available as a free plugin for WordPress. It helps to manage all SEO and Other Article related works at the same place with the same solutions. In this plugin, you get extra as free or if you buy the pro or premium version then you get an ultimate pack for the SEO And Websites or Blogs Optimization Tool. Its provide Google AMP support (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to optimize your blog posts and pages to get good ranking in search engines. It provides Image Sitemap.xml to Optimize your Image SEO to get good ranking in google images search results or other search engines.

5.Squirrly SEO

So Now Squirrly SEO, I loved it. No Words for Squirrly SEO Pro version as you can use it as a free version with the simple sign-up process. Or If you love it then you can purchase or buy the Pro version of Squirrly SEO plugin. I have no words to explain the features of this plugin, it is an extra SEO pack or tool for Your blogs or websites if you are on WordPress. This below-given quote is the actual definition of the Squirrly SEO Plugin.

Bring a CoPilot Onboard to Accelerate Your SEO Strategy and Keep Ranking

Squirrly SEO plugin gives you more and more features as you need to optimize your websites or blogs. In this plugin, you can use the Meta Open Graph for your facebook, twitter, many more social media accounts.

6. WP Meta SEO

Here is the Final Best Sitemap Plugin For WordPress, WP(WordPress) Meta SEO Define the actual meaning of their name. WP Meta SEO Plugin is also known as SEO Manager for WordPress. it gives you a better experience when you are a beginner in SEO or Starts as a newbie to do SEO of your website. Its give you a bulk edit option that helps to edit meta tags of all posts and pages of your blogs or website in a single view. you can easily fix the HTML image resizing issue in the content with a single click. its generate XML and HTML Sitemaps That help you define the custom structure of your blogs and websites. WP Meta SEO plugin provides custom elements for Facebook or Twitter Social Sharing of your content on blogs or websites. WP Meta SEO also provides 404 or redirect manager, that helps you to manage which posts or pages, you want to redirect or faces an issue of 404 Errors.

Final Verdict

So Here is the Final Verdict on Best WordPress plugins for Sitemaps Generator, So here I’m only discussing those plugins, That I’m using right now for my blogs or clients websites. above discussed all plugins are best for your blog or website but I suggest you, only choose those plugins that are real benefits for your blogs and websites. But If you choose from these plugins than I suggest you might choose the Yoast SEO, Squirrly SEO, All in One SEO. All plugins have extra benefits with extra features as free or with an add-on or in a premium version of that SEO plugins. at my terms, I would like to choose a plugin, that fulfill all SEO or Optimization Strategy for my blogs or websites.

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