PHP Programming Language | What is PHP | Learn PHP Code | PHP Examples | PHP Tutorial for Beginners | PHP Tools

PHP Programming Language | What is PHP | Learn PHP Code | PHP Examples | PHP Tutorial for Beginners | PHP Tools

PHP (recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) is a broadly utilized open source universally useful scripting dialect that is particularly suited for web advancement and can be implanted into HTML. PHP Programming Language


Pleasant, however what does that mean? A case:

Example #1 An introductory example


echo "Hi, I'm a PHP script!";


Rather than loads of summons to yield HTML (as found in C or Perl), PHP pages contain HTML with inserted code that does “something” (for this situation, yield “Hello, I’m a PHP script!”). The PHP code is encased in exceptional begin and end handling guidelines <?php and ?> that enable you to bounce into and out of “PHP mode.”

What recognizes PHP from something like customer side JavaScript is that the code is executed on the server, creating HTML which is then sent to the customer. The customer would get the consequences of running that content, however, would not realize what the hidden code was. You can even design your web server to process all your HTML records with PHP, and afterward, there’s truly no chance that clients can tell what you have up your sleeve.

The best things in utilizing PHP are that it is great basic for a newcomer, yet offers many propelled highlights for an expert developer. Try not to be anxious perusing the not insignificant rundown of PHP’s highlights. You can hop in, in a brief timeframe, and begin composing basic contents in a couple of hours. PHP Programming Language


In spite of the fact that PHP’s improvement is centered around server-side scripting, you can do considerably more with it. Read on, and see more in the What can PHP do? the segment, or go ideal to the early on instructional exercise on the off chance that you are just keen on web programming.

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