CodeZoned – A Community of Problem Solvers

A Community of Problem Solvers

Introduction of CodeZoned

CodeZoned is a community where discussion on topics like, AlgorithmsTechnology and Mathematics takes place. There is a daily event called CODEZONED’s TRIVIA to maintain the enthusiasm among the members. The activities of the community currently occur in two WhatsApp Groups, “CodeZoned Sr.�?, which is meant for college students & working person and “CodeZoned Jr.�?, which is meant for school students. The two groups have a total of about 190 members and the number is increasing. If you too are interested then join the group via the links given below.

About CodeZoned Sr.

In this group, students from various colleges like IITs, NITs, IIITs post their queries related to coding and problem solving. Resources for learning, like MIT OCW lectures are shared regularly by its members. Even for learning something new in programming just post the topic and someone will surely come up with material related to that topic.

About CodeZoned Jr.

This group is for school students of classes 8 to 12. In this group the discussion mostly takes place on Mathematics related to Computer Science and if possible, JEE. The juniors have a chance

to interact with IITians to learn more about Coding and get to know more about the field.


This is a daily event organized in both the groups mentioned above. Each day a problem based on Algorithms or Mathematics is posted on the groups. There is a certain scoring scheme related to the problems. The total score at the end of the week is calculated and the top three guys are mentioned on Facebook and on Instagram via the account czgdp1807. The special part of this event is that you can even contribute your problem in the event provided you have the solution. The solution of every problem is also posted on the groups after the event ends for that day.

CodeZoned WhatsApp Group Invite Links

Join WhatsApp Group of CodeZoned Sr. : 

Join WhatsApp Group of CodeZoned Jr. :

CodeZoned Website

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